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Press Backgrounder for South East Asia Press Release Dec 1st at Semicon Japan

Company Backgrounder

Optical Metrology Innovations

We design, manufacture, sell a suite of process control and metrology systems used by the semiconductor industry. Our products fall into two categories, front-end and back-end tools. Our front-end tools target the Strained Silicon wafer and GaAs / Gallium Nitride epiwafer markets with a range of Photoreflectance Spectrometers used for in line process control during wafer manufacture. Our back-end tools are used by semiconductor manufacturers and assembly companies involved in package design and failure analysis of semiconductor and MEMs devices. Semiconductor packaging is becoming increasingly complex with increasing pin count, tighter pitch, the emergence of more complex die including ultra thin and stacked die and the advent of new materials such as Low k and lead free solders. This creates numerous challenges associated with thermo-mechanical properties of the various device materials and their behaviour at extremes of high and low temperatures. Our OMISTRAIN metrology system measures the level of deformation of materials within the package showing areas of strain and potential reliability issues. Our OMISTRAIN product enables a significant reduction in package design and evaluation time enabling a reduction in time-to-market and increasing the reliability of devices shipped.

OMISTRAIN Technology.

The OMISTRAIN platform uses Digital Image Correlation Technology to achieve the measurement of thermal deformation and device warpage. The system uses an auto-focussing digital microscope with an integrated 12 bit CCD camera together with a suite of software algorithms to process acquired images. The surface under analysis is divided into a series of smaller sub-images. The optical system stores the unique pattern for each of these sub-images at each temperature. The measurement of deformation is achieved by tracking the specific movement of these sub-images relative to their original positions. The software uses advanced pattern recognition algorithms to keep track of the movements of the pattern for each of the sub-pixel images. Once the new position of each sub-image is captured the full deformation characteristics of the sample are understood and can be graphically represented as a vector map or a contour map. Other characteristics such as coefficient of thermal expansion or strain can be computed and represented graphically by the embedded application software.

The measurement of Out of Plane Warpage is achieved by using the digital microscope and camera to scan the surface of the device being measured. The microscope scans across the device surface acquiring images at various points selected by the operator. The technique acquires a series of images at various focal points for each measurement point. The integrated auto-focussing software determines the best in focus image at each point. The system uses this information to compute a warpage value. The full device warpage is computed and represented graphically.

The major advantages over existing deformation metrology techniques such as Moiré Interferometry are as follows:

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