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Semicon Japan, Tokyo, December 1, 2004 - Optical Metrology Innovations Ltd. ( a leading supplier of advanced Packaging Metrology Solutions today announced the introduction of OMISTRAIN ETR – the next generation OMISTRAIN metrology system for IC and MEMS packaging. OMISTRAIN enables package designers to screen out potential reliability issues during the development phase. The tool is available to customers immediately.

The OMISTRAIN ETR® is a thermal deformation metrology system operating over the temperature range -65oC to +350oC. The extended operating range enables measurements to be made at the higher reflow temperatures as required by lead free packaging. It also enables sub zero temperature measurements for markets such as automotive and military. The OMISTRAIN ETR system allows designers to measure inplane deformation and warpage of IC and MEMS packages at temperatures not achievable with current industry solutions. The extended temperature operation combined with the OMISTRAIN ETR measurement resolution of 20nm enables accurate strain measurements for first level C4 interconnect up to lead free temperatures. This is a first in the industry.

IC packaging technology is evolving rapidly with new materials, structures and environmental requirements playing a significant role. We are seeing tremendous interest from our customers for a solution that facilitates the rapid development of complex package designs whilst reducing the need for multiple reliability cycles during the design phase” said Chris Russell, Vice President of Marketing of OMI.

Optical Metrology Innovations is a supplier of advanced metrology for the semiconductor and electronics industries.

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